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Rex lighting smart city lighting, landscape lighting and classroom lighting

on September 8, the China Green smart city development forum, jointly guided by the Wuxi Municipal People's government and China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd. and hosted by China Power Haikang Group Co., Ltd., was held during the Wuxi world IOT Expo Cheng Yu, President of the Central Design Institute, brought the keynote speech "engineering attempt to build smart city infrastructure". The report mainly introduces the development history, intelligent control scheme, functions of Rex smart lamp poles and the practical operation case of nearly 200 multi-functional smart street lamps in Tushan Road, Bengbu City

classroom lighting, 5g, smart light pole and night scene lighting can be said to be the hot words in the lighting industry in recent years. What problems will enterprises encounter in the implementation of specific projects? How should lighting enterprises position themselves for cross-border cooperation? China Light specially interviewed Mr. Cheng Yu, technology integration officer of Rex group and President of Central Design Institute

Rex's positioning and project landing experience in smart city lighting

about the research and development of smart light poles, including the implementation of the current project, Rex has been continuing. A practical engineering case can verify the reliability of the system, determine the intelligent application of big data acquisition and rational use of adjustment control platform. Rex is currently implementing smart street lamp projects in Bengbu City, Anhui Province and Lishui City, Zhejiang Province. The smart street lamp on Tushan road in Bengbu City is an important node in the EPC project (phase III) of Bengbu City night lighting improvement project. 163 smart lamp poles are used in this project, which will provide valuable data and experience for the R & D of Rex smart street lamp after operation

in the future, les Roches still wants to be professional. We may be more smart poles that provide urban infrastructure. For Rex, we don't want to make it into a large and comprehensive system, but a necessary physical level, that is, a standard lamp pole with internal structure suitable for more external equipment. In this regard, we will heat up the experiment to complete more discussion and development

how do lighting enterprises cooperate across borders

as for cross-border cooperation, we also hope to cooperate with more professional manufacturers and professional platform operators. Especially for 5g technology, we believe that smart light poles are actually the best installation carrier for small 5g micro base stations, which is an inherent advantage. We also look forward to cooperating with companies like Huawei. In addition, the information collection of cities in the future is very important, and the proportion of surveillance video collection may be increasing. Haikang satellite TV is already a leader in this industry, and we also look forward to more in-depth cooperation and cooperation with such industry leaders

what are the difficulties faced by the landing pilot of smart light poles

first of all, there are still some problems of missing standards in the smart city today, which lack national promotion. Everyone is still feeling the stone to cross the river. We can get the approval of the government and really set up the project to implement, which itself is actually difficult at the beginning

secondly, in the process, there is actually the problem of coordination and cooperation between different functional departments of the government, which is also very troublesome, because when you build a smart system with smart poles as the main focus, you must involve different government levels. At the construction level, you will have a management overlap of several departments. How can we work together to do a good job in the basic work, especially at the stage of pipeline laying, the laying and use of communication optical fiber, combined with the services of operators, many aspects of problems actually depend on the favorable coordination of the government to implement in place

finally, for example, we have built a smart street light network for the whole street, forming the data collection and transmission, but which functional department do I want to send it to? We want to provide good service, but my service object is not very clear. Therefore, at the management level of cities in the future, we may need to be led by city managers and government departments. Through their leadership, we can really do our service work well and give full play to the functions of the smart system

when it comes to smart city lighting, we have to mention landscape lighting. In recent years, Rex lighting has participated in major outdoor engineering projects, such as the lighting project of Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center of Shanghai Cooperation summit, the night scene lighting project of Zhuhai branch of CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Bengbu Olympic Sports Center, etc. On the one hand, we see the vigorous development of urban night lighting. On the other hand, we also see the light pollution caused by improper night lighting and the uneven quality of lamps and lanterns

landscape lighting: how to protect the dark sky

how does Rex view light pollution and dark sky protection

in fact, dark sky protection has long been promoted by an international organization in China, called the international dark sky alliance. At that time, Rex also helped them do a lot of promotion work, which was done in 2005. In fact, for China, dark sky has not been valued and recognized. For the light pollution in many cities now, we think it is more focused on the lighting mode of the media facade. Its high-intensity lighting mode is similar to the comprehensive light-emitting screen, which is actually very detrimental to the protection of the dark sky, or it is a way to destroy the dark sky the most

how to avoid light pollution and ensure quality in lighting engineering

for Rex, the lighting treatment of night scenes from Zhuhai, including the lighting of Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center, adopts some low-level lighting, and it is local lighting. For buildings, we only made some relatively low brightness monochrome lighting on the top skyline to maximize the protection of the night environment of the whole city. In addition, according to the meaning of dark sky protection, in fact, light above the horizontal direction should be eliminated. Only light below the horizontal direction can be applied, and its luminous directivity must be good. At the same time, you should control the whole intensity and contrast, so as to form a good night environment. So in fact, in the coordination level of the whole design and the level of lamps used in specific projects, we follow the principles of small power rather than large power, narrow light control angle rather than wide, monochrome and careful use of color. From the design to the final implementation, try to achieve the protection we can

in addition to smart city lighting and landscape lighting, Rex has also made outstanding achievements in the field of classroom lighting. How to protect children's eyes? How to reduce the high myopia rate of students? Rex lighting also shared experience in the implementation of the project of gc45, gz45, gc150, gv10, x660 beams of Kobe iron and steel company in Japan

three key points and transformation problems of classroom lighting

how to control the quality and scheme of classroom lighting products

in fact, the core point of healthy lighting is that the visual formation period of children during the whole physical development is very sensitive to the artificial lighting environment, so it is very important to have a high standard artificial lighting environment more suitable for children's physiological characteristics in some indoor spaces where they often move. For our manufacturers, we need to confirm the early development of products from theoretical research and market data. The first is to define some necessary prerequisites from the light distribution, intensity, glare control, and the direction of light output of the whole environment. We believe that the lighting environment in the three stages from kindergarten to primary school to junior high school actually has some internal differences. In terms of indicators, we should consider them separately

1. Glare control glare control is the most basic point to be achieved. Reasonable luminous intensity and illumination contrast of the whole lighting environment, especially the control and contrast of lighting intensity in vertical space, are very important. Therefore, in some specific parameters, such as color rendering index, reasonable horizontal and vertical illumination control, reasonable light and dark contrast control, these are more critical

2. Appropriate color dynamic lighting. In addition, in order to attract children, we also suggest to try some color dynamic lighting methods in kindergartens. Because there will be some positive effects on the psychological level and emotional level, which is helpful for children's indoor activity and the improvement of their interest in participating in activities

3. Pay attention to the lighting of indoor space outside the classroom. For primary and junior high schools, we think we should pay more attention to the layout of the whole school, not just the classroom. Therefore, in the indoor space outside the classroom and the space combining indoor and outdoor, there should also be some special considerations for lighting, so as to make the school lighting better

what are the concerns of school classroom lighting transformation

now les Roches has actually done quite a lot of campus renovation, especially from primary school to junior high school. The spokesman stressed that different schools are cooperating across the country. In recent years, there have been many landing projects. Of course, in this process, we found that the biggest problem should be policy guidance. Local education commissions do not have a unified standard policy and implement classroom lighting standards

in addition, the project is completed, and whether it really meets the application standard. At present, we think there are still deficiencies in the implementation and release of standards and the on-site inspection and confirmation of standards. If this aspect can be improved, or improved and strengthened, I think it is still very important to comprehensively promote the lighting of the whole classroom in the future

now, the funding party may become the school's own funding, or some other sponsorship. The acceptance level of public schools is certainly not as good as that of private schools, which is also related to the two reasons I mentioned earlier

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