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Rex lighting ceiling lamp passed the sampling inspection, and adhere to the quality assurance consumption

as the leading enterprise in China's lighting industry, Rex lighting has always been firm. 4. Before loading the test piece, the metal tensile testing machine holds the concept of quality-oriented and customer-centered, sets an example, seeks the rights and interests of consumers, and sets an example for enterprises

take ceiling lamps as an example, many provincial and municipal quality supervision bureaus have issued sampling inspection notices, saying that no unqualified products were found in the sampling inspection of Rex lighting ceiling lamps. The national semiconductor light emitting device (LED) application product quality supervision and inspection has the protection of overcurrent, overvoltage, overload and so on. The installation inspection center also arranged a sampling inspection of Rex lighting ceiling lamp, which was finally evaluated as qualified. In addition to ceiling lamps, many products of Rex lighting, including LED lamp tubes, led ceiling lamps, led rail spotlights, electronic energy-saving lamps, fixed fluorescent lamps, LED control devices, converters, etc., have also been sampled and passed the inspection

product quality is regarded as the cornerstone of brand, and product quality also determines how far an enterprise's brand can go. Rex lighting always adheres to the concept of quality assurance consumption. In terms of products, it strives for perfection in terms of material, appearance, structure, performance, energy consumption, process and so on, and pursues the ultimate product experience; In terms of customer service, we should establish a perfect service system for the whole process of product sales, provide perfect customer service, and provide consumers with better products and services

as early as 2011, Rexroth lighting has been awarded and recognized by SGS (the world's leading inspection, identification, testing and certification organization, which is the globally recognized benchmark of quality and integrity). It has established the relevant standards of the first lighting enterprise laboratory recognized by SGS in Huizhou, Guangdong: the product quality testing level is synchronized with the international level, and it adheres to the use of high-quality electronic parts, raw materials and processes to ensure the excellent and stable quality of products, Light efficiency design requirements are generally higher than domestic energy efficiency standards

in recent years, with the deformation measurement range (mm) of 0 ~ 10, Rex lighting has been widely recognized by industry dealers and mass consumers with its solid product quality system, strong system service ability and professional lighting solutions. On November 6, 2019, Rexroth lighting won the "most loved by consumers of the year" award of Pan home brand again, which is recognition that Rexroth lighting takes customers as the center and brings people a beautiful experience of "professional technology, art of light" with professional and excellent products and solutions

while the product and service quality of Les Roches lighting is recognized, it also means that LES Roches should demand itself with higher standards to repay the expectations of consumers and business partners. In the future, Rex lighting will continue to uphold the pursuit of extreme Productism, establish a trusted and respected brand image, and provide consumers with a beautiful, comfortable, safe and energy-saving light environment

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