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On the afternoon of April 9, on the 22nd floor of the ancient town lighting building, the "Rex global lighting innovation design center" was busy. After the implementation of the "3.28" contract project, 60 design and product talents were attracted, and the "innovation effect" was initially released. Yang Jianwei, director of the operation management department, told that the center is not only the core of the "original drive" of Rex lighting's home furnishing brand, but also will play the role of "the leader is fixed on the frame of the machine in a certain direction" in the next step to drive the integration and upgrading of the local lighting industry chain

strengthen originality and conform to the new trend of consumption

as the "big brother" of the lighting industry, Rex lighting is bringing about "new changes" in the home field. Because of this change, this year's "March 28" Rex global lighting Innovation Design Center signed to strive for breakthroughs in high-end battery diaphragms, new optical films, new flexible screen films, etc; Focus on developing the production of bio based plastic auto parts, bio based plastic packaging products, high-performance PVC building templates, large-diameter and high-strength polyolefin drainage, sewage pipes, etc; Further promote the production and utilization of waterborne polyurethane, solvent-free and other ecological synthetic leather, which will be settled in the ancient town

therefore, the project has been put into trial operation for more than half a year, and the official implementation of the project is very smooth. At the innovation design center, a dozen young people are busy sitting in front of computers. Yang Jianwei, the person in charge, told that at present, 60 people have worked here, 80% are designers and 20% are product managers. He also has an office in Shanghai, including Italian and Taiwan designers and a traditional Chinese painting painter. In July this year, Rex will recruit 30 design college students. Therefore, his current headache is not insufficient people, but insufficient space. "We are planning to rent another floor."

in the past, Rex lighting relied on the lighting industry chain of Guzhen to support its home lighting, and registered a branch in Guzhen, but it did not have its own design center, and the independently designed styles accounted for a small proportion. The changes in the consumer market have forced this brand to think about the future. "The establishment of the design center means that our home lighting field will change from the past 'product driven' to 'design driven'." He said

Yang Jianwei introduced that the company is implementing the brand strategy of "don't shake the components in the circuit casually", and has established four brands according to different market needs: NVC for the traditional market, "Berkeley" focusing on modern lighting, "lychee Castle" focusing on American lighting, and "to the East" for new Chinese style

become a "leader" and drive industrial upgrading

Rex home lighting products exhibition hall in Haizhou has more than 3000 categories. Yang Jianwei told them that in the future, they plan to rely on Rex global lighting innovation design center to update two-thirds of them every year. This frequency of updating gives them a sense of urgency. According to Yang Jianwei, the proportion of independent design of the company increased rapidly last year. Last year, the proportion of independent design of lighting of Rex home lighting was less than 30%. The proportion of the company's products will reach 50% at the summer group purchase meeting this year, and will continue to rise to more than 70% at the winter group purchase meeting this year. "We will distance ourselves from other enterprises through independent design. As the leader of the industry, we should use design to lead and lead the development and improvement of the industry."

he believes that the settlement of Rex global lighting innovation and design center will attract more design talents, which will also accumulate a group of high-quality talents for industrial development. "The atmosphere formed by the lighting industry in Guzhen is unmatched in other places, but the threshold for making lamps is still very low. Only by attracting a large number of talents in the future can the current situation of the industry be changed."

it is revealed that on the basis of developing original designs, Rexroth lighting has prepared samples that meet the corresponding mechanical testing standards for metal materials, and is planning to screen and cultivate a number of high-quality supply chain partners. "We intend to improve their quality standards and quality management through strategic cooperation."

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