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The revitalization plan is about to be issued, and the industrial upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry is imminent.

"the development speed of China's manufacturing industry is more than enough, but the height is insufficient. To realize the industrial upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, three necessary conditions are needed: pressure, policies and methods. For the domestic equipment manufacturing industry, the current pressure and methods are already available." Zhang Wenkui, deputy director of the Enterprise Research Institute of the development research center of the State Council, revealed at the 2008 large-scale annual report summary forum of "made in China • China speed nationwide" held by Sohu Finance and Economics on December 16 that in terms of policy, the country will soon introduce a series of revitalization policies, and I believe that made in China will be able to change from speed to height in the next few years

the policy mentioned by Zhang Wenkui is the revitalization plan of nine industries, including steel, automobile, shipbuilding, petrochemical, light industry, textile, non-ferrous metals, equipment manufacturing and electronic information, which has been submitted to the State Council. In an exclusive interview with China industry daily, he pointed out that the financial tsunami is a "danger" in the short term and an "opportunity" in the medium and long term for China's manufacturing industry. Stimulated by the financial tsunami, the industrial revitalization plan came out at the right time, and may be officially promulgated and implemented in the first quarter of next year

the U-shaped trend of manufacturing industry is the most likely.

the global financial tsunami is gradually spreading to the real economy. For the equipment manufacturing industry with relatively lagging response, the rapid response at both ends of the industrial chain has gradually transmitted to the middle end of the manufacturing industry. Industry experts generally made three predictions and judgments on the spread trend of this round of financial crisis: L-shaped, V-shaped and U-shaped

according to Zhang Wenkui's analysis, for China's manufacturing industry, the U-shaped trend is the most likely and the best result. The U-shaped trend is a smooth bottom, lasting for about two years. In twoorthree years, it is enough for industrial adjustment and upgrading, so that enterprises have time to innovate, build brands, increase output with the increase of automation equipment, do management, do channels, do product quality, do research and development, etc

Zhao Yan, deputy general manager of Yutong Group sales company, said at the Forum: "the opportunity brought by the economic crisis is once in a century." Zhao Yan told that the "crisis" is reflected in the biggest problem that enterprises will have to deal with in the next two years, namely, cash flow, which includes two levels: cost control and supply chain control. At the same time, there are opportunities in danger. Whether enterprises can take the opportunity to realize industrial upgrading is an important issue facing enterprises

Zhao Yan believes that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for Chinese bus enterprises in the long run. The state will clearly support urban and rural transportation construction, which is a great benefit to bus manufacturing enterprises. In addition, Yutong group will also strengthen the market from the perspective of new energy and technological upgrading

provide an opportunity for the internationalization of construction machinery

at a time when the financial crisis has led to a serious setback in market confidence, the general manager of XCMG Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is that the temperature has fallen very slowly. Zhang Yuchun said surprisingly: "XCMG group will achieve a sales target of 100billion yuan by 2015, which will not be shaken if it is too much."

Zhang Yuchun revealed that XCMG will focus on strengthening the strategic adjustment and upgrading of the enterprise in four aspects: first, strengthening independent innovation, second, improving the level of manufacturing, third, strengthening enterprise management, and fourth, increasing the R & D and production of key components

industry experts believe that the control of key parts by others has always been an important link restricting the collective strength of China's construction machinery industry. A number of key manufacturing technologies have been controlled by foreign countries, so that it has been difficult for construction machinery enterprises to get rid of the situation of relying on imports

experts suggest that taking advantage of the financial crisis, domestic powerful equipment manufacturing enterprises should "go out" and acquire foreign manufacturing enterprises with core technologies. In this regard, Zhang Yuchun bluntly: "XCMG group is negotiating with Doosan group of South Korea on the cooperation of engines required for heavy machinery. If it goes well, the two sides will establish a joint venture in the first half of next year to produce 4-8 liter engines with a maximum of 300 horsepower. It is revealed that XCMG will also produce joint ventures with a German enterprise in the research and development of hydraulic system components."

"China's construction machinery industry has gone through a road from imitation to integration. The financial crisis will trigger an industry reshuffle, which is also a good opportunity for China's construction machinery to achieve internationalization." Zhang Yuchun suggested that construction machinery enterprises should seize the opportunity and apply the great wisdom of independent innovation to improve the credit and quality of products

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