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Several important factors that determine the performance and accuracy of tensile testing machine

1 first is the force value sensor of tensile testing machine, because the quality of the sensor determines the accuracy and force measurement stability of the testing machine. At present, the sensors for tensile testing machine in the market generally use S-type sensors for small force values, spokes sensors for large force values, and resistance strain gauges inside the sensors, If the accuracy of the strain gauge is not high, or the aging resistance of the glue used to fix the strain gauge is not good, or the material of the sensor is not good, the accuracy and service life of the sensor will be affected. The imported sensor used by Hengyi company is the American Quanli sensor, a world-famous sensor manufacturer. The sensor has high precision, good linearity and very stable performance, and will not change for decades

2 the second is the ball screw, which drives the movement of the sensor, because if there is a gap between the screw rod, the test data of developing high-quality glass plates for windshields and portholes in the future will directly respond to the maximum deformation and elongation after fracture of the test. At present, some screw rods of tension machines on the market are T-shaped ordinary screw rods. In this case, the gap is relatively large, and the friction force is relatively large, and the service life is short. The screw rod used by Hengyi company is German ulleneff high-precision gapless ball screw rod. The surface quenching hardness is HRC, and the service life can reach decades. And ensure the accuracy unchanged

3 thirdly, there is the transmission system of the tension machine. At present, some of the transmission systems of the tension machine in the market use reducers, and some use ordinary belts. The main disadvantages of these two transmission modes: the former requires regular lubrication, while the latter cannot guarantee the synchronization of the transmission, which affects the test results. The transmission system of the tension machine of Hengyi company adopts full arc synchronous belt to reduce speed, which ensures the synchronous accuracy of transmission, high transmission accuracy, high efficiency, stable transmission, low noise, no maintenance and long service life

4 again, the power source (motor) of the tension machine is also called motor. At present, some tension machines in the market use ordinary three-phase motor or variable-frequency motor. This kind of motor adopts analog signal control, which has slow control response and inaccurate positioning. It never hesitates to use the short-term test data on the plastic manufacturer's data sheet. Generally, the speed regulation range is narrow, and there is high speed, there is no 2 Judge TBEA representative Zhang Xin: as the supplier of new aluminum electronic materials: A. when the circuit 1 test object is open, there is low speed or low speed, there is no high speed, and the speed control is not accurate. The motor used by the tension machine of Hengyi company is Japan Panasonic full digital AC servo motor. The control mode adopts full digital pulse control, and the speed regulation range is wide, up to 0 Mm/min, accurate control and positioning, fast response, 0.01 seconds can be added to the full speed, the motor can ensure the accurate control of full-scale speed, and the service life is long, up to decades, without maintenance

5 finally, the measurement and control system of tension machine (that is, software and hardware). At present, most measurement and control systems of tension machine in the market are controlled by 8-bit single chip microcomputer, with low sampling rate and poor anti-interference ability. In addition, AD converter, if the number of bits of ad converter is also low resolution. Then the measurement will not be accurate. (end)

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