Several improvements of the hottest JS500 mixer

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Several improvements of JS500 mixer

JS500 concrete mixer is one of the leading products of our factory. For many years, we have been committed to the improvement of the product performance and the reduction of manufacturing costs. On the basis of using most of the main tooling of the original model, the machine has been significantly modified to effectively avoid failure, mainly in the following aspects

1 improvement of unloading machine

the power device of the original unloading mechanism adopts electric push rod. Due to the overload performance and manufacturing quality of the electric push rod, the door opening device is often damaged and cannot be unloaded mechanically

after improvement, the discharge door adopts hydraulic cylinder switch, which can open the door quickly, operate conveniently and have high reliability, and overcome the defects of electric push rod

2 improvement of the feeding system

the braking motor of the feeding winch mechanism of the original feeding system drives the coil to rotate through the reducer, and the steel wire rope climbs up along the track of the feeding frame through the pulley traction hopper for feeding (Fig. 1). Due to insensitive braking, relay failure or travel switch corrosion, hopper jacking is easy to occur, which is an outstanding problem on the machine. This hidden danger is easy to cause hopper deformation, damage to reduction gearbox and frame and other damage accidents

the improved feeding system adopts hydraulic lifting mechanism (Fig. 2) for feeding. The piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is equipped with a pulley multiplying mechanism. Through the amplification of this mechanism, the lifting stroke of the hopper is 8 times that of the hydraulic cylinder. When loading, the hopper rises along the loading frame under the action of the hydraulic lifting mechanism. When the hopper roller enters the horizontal fork track, the hopper begins to unload, the hopper continues to rise, and the bucket door is fully opened. At this time, the hydraulic lifting cylinder stroke reaches the end point, the hopper stops running, and the hydraulic oil flows back to the oil tank through the overflow valve, and the hopper jacking problem does not exist. After improvement, the structure is compact and the action is safe and reliable

3 improvement of hopper large roller

the large roller assembly of raw material hopper is composed of hole retaining ring, end cover, large roller, shaft retaining ring, 306 bearing, felt ring and oil cup (Fig. 3), with complex structure and a large number of parts

the improved large roller assembly is composed of bolts, washers, pressing plates and large rollers (Fig. 4). The material of the large roller was originally HT200, and now it is improved to use special cast nylon, which has good wear resistance and self lubrication. It can work under the conditions of high load, high service temperature, no lubrication or less lubrication, and can fully meet the performance requirements of the original design. The structure has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, low cost, convenient installation and maintenance, etc

4 simplification of electrical system

in the original design, the electrical system is mainly composed of four systems to control mixing, water supply, feeding and material door switch. There are four motors in total, with a total power of 27.85kw. Due to the large number of motors, too many electrical components such as AC contactors and limit switches are selected, and the electrical circuit is complex because phase change materials refer to materials that change the state of materials with temperature changes and can provide latent heat

now the hydraulic lifting feeding and hydraulic opening and closing material door system is adopted. The hydraulic system and the mixing system share a double shaft head grooving type and embossing type motor, which is more convenient to measure the local wear of the friction surface. This motor can not only be used as the main mixing motor, but also provide power for other systems of the hydraulic system. The water supply system adopts the original design, with a total of two motors, and the total power is reduced to 19.25kw. After the improvement, the electrical control system of the machine is greatly simplified, and the electrical components such as AC contactor and limit switch are reduced, so the working reliability is improved

through the improvement of the above four factors, the comprehensive cost of this mixer model product is greatly reduced, the energy consumption of the whole machine is reduced, the performance is more perfect, and the economic benefit is obvious. More competitive in the market

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